Friday Already


Gary Kirkendall and Bill Ford converse.

This week has passed by so quickly. It’s Friday already. We started the week by looking at about 25 pages with lists of names to contact. Between four and seven men have spent all week knocking doors and talking to people. There have been frustrations as many people are not home. There have been heartaches as we realized the people we are looking for have already passed from this life. There have been moments of consolation as hurting people poured out their hearts to interested listeners.

We had four excellent nights of Bible Study at Central. Danny and Gary outdid themselves. Thursday night is likely our lowest night in attendance, but we were blessed with some visitors. Gary left this morning for LaGrange. Both Danny and Gary faced challenges in coming down here this week, but I thank them for their dedication and time. We were encouraged and blessed by their messages.

Tomorrow Greg and Kevin will head back to Nashville. These inspirational brothers have worked so hard this week and I admire them so much. They have done door knocking, inviting, talking, visiting, and even some painting. In contacting all of the people they talked to, they were laying the groundwork for ongoing mission work. If you would like to come down and continue this effort, we certainly need your help. We want to contact all of those who were not home. We want to reconnect with those who expressed interest or further needs. We need the help of volunteers as much as ever … especially to do this mission type work.

Bill Ford continues to work with us this week as well. He and Jim Ingram have been great visitation partners. Bill is tireless, optimistic, and has a servant’s heart.

Sunday is ‘first Sunday’ of the month and our tradition is to have a fellowship meal on that day. In the afternoon we will watch the Super Bowl with anyone who would like to at Central. It should be a good day for all of us.


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