How to Unlock Your World With Foursquare

Foursquare is, for me, more of a habit than a game or a social network. But I’m not really sure exactly what it is. Foursquare utilizes the GPS function of your cell phone to identify your location when you “check in” at various locales. Why would you do this?

* As a self-absorbed narcissist you want to let everyone know where you are because you are so important. (That is a joke, people. No, really.)

*You earn badges by checking in at various places (this is the ‘game’ or ‘fun’ part).

*You can become the mayor of a place by being the person who checks in there the most often. This is also fun. For instance, there is a person in Monroe named Ben E. who frequents the same places that I do, and we are always stealing the “Mayor” badge from one another. Yet, I have never met him. Are we having fun yet? I am! I’m the mayor of 21 locations!

*You can see which of your Foursquare friends are at the same place that you are, allowing a ‘howdy’ or if you are a stalker, you can keep up with their movement. (That also was a joke, people, unless it’s true.) I also enjoy keeping up with friends and what they’re up to. One friend, Jimmie, is a trucker and it’s fun knowing where he’s headed to next.

*Foursquare allows you to leave notes and pictures of various places. You can leave tips for others to know the best selection on the menu, or a place to avoid. For instance my friend Mike Ellis checked in at the Dunlawton Bridge – a place in Port Orange, FL where people walk for exercise. I noticed that one Foursquare user noted that “There’s a crazy lady who carries her cat in a plastic tub here.” Now you can’t get tips like that just anywhere.

*Foursquare will integrate with Twitter and Facebook, which increases the fun (or annoyance if all of your friends think Foursquare is geeky).

*Foursquare is being used by businesses to increase customers! For a while now stores have had the opportunity to offer specials to Foursquare users.   THIS POST by Michelle Castillo outlines some new ways that businesses like Applebees are using Foursquare.

*Foursquare is growing. Although Facebook introduced “places” trying to take over Foursquare’s territory, it hasn’t happened. THIS ARTICLE reports that Foursquare now has 7.5 million users.

Like all social media platforms, sometimes people sign up, look at it for a few minutes, then never use it. So I eliminate “friends” who have not posted in the past month … you either enjoy it or you don’t. No problem either way!

Foursquare is an evolving platform so there are always some new things you can do with it. My Foursquare page is HERE. It does get to be a habit … a fun one. Especially so on a trip. Anyhow, that’s the deal with Foursquare and I encourage you to give a go for a month or so and see if you enjoy it!

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