Four Young Hearts Touched By The Gospel

The Gregg Family

Our small group has six youngsters that are full of energy and who have wide open hearts for God’s Word. Like many children raised in Christian homes, they began asking about being baptized at an early age. We decided that our group studies for the first few months this year would be about the gospel story as found in the Scriptures.

For a resource study we used James Nored’s wonderful set of booklets called THE STORY OF REDEMPTION. Each week the kids eagerly read the Scriptures aloud in the group. With great interest they talked about the stories covered in this excellent series. We talked about the paradise God created, how sin brought about so much misery but God had a merciful plan for the humanity He loved. We traced the story of faith through Abraham into the New Testament. The lessons on the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus were reaching all of our hearts.

When we got through with lesson 8 (the last one), none of them expressed a desire to be baptized at that time. A few weekends later, however, at the Gregg household the children were asking questions. No doubt this is because of the influence of their parents, family, Sunday School teachers, and other godly people in their lives. Matt and Barbara taught them further from the Scriptures and using TSOR as a study guide.

I was very happy Saturday night to receive a message that all four of them wanted to be baptized the next morning. Our church rejoices to see the young faith of these wonderful children – two sets of twins! It was a beautiful sight to see Matt baptizing their children. After services we gathered together and shared communion with these four new babes in Christ for the first time.

Our first thanks is to God for His amazing mercy and grace. Thanks also to the Greggs for walking the path that has led to this place in their family history. I also want to thank James for his work in putting THE STORY within easy reach.

You can get in touch with James Nored or learn more about THE STORY OF REDEMPTION study at the Missional Outreach Network. You can connect with James on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.


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