And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Dear Lord,

I sing your praises because you have led me so perfectly. On this journey I have faced my greatest fears. They were not imaginary, they were not irrational. They were as real as the wood that formed a casket. They were as severe and as strong as any I ever thought I might face. The Wolf did his best to ensnare me, wound me, devour me. Honestly, there were times when I thought he had. Yet here I am. You have led me to food and water. You taught me to live in your righteousness. You illuminated the path through the darkest valley. You led me to Your banquet table, so perfectly set even in the presence of my enemies.

Now You lead me home. My heart smiles as I realize that You are not leading me back to the sheep pen … back to the barn…back to my humble beginnings. You are leading me to Your house. Oh my God! My Shepherd! My Savior! What a home it must be! And look who’s here! No greater joy, no greater peace.

All those times I thought I’d find my own path are now revealed to be such foolishness. The voices of the The Enemy filled my ear and sometimes my heart, but he could never provide what You are giving me now. I was discouraged sometimes and wanted to give up but something inside wouldn’t let me.

I know. There is a sense in which I am still a lamb in your flock. The danger isn’t over. But in Your grace and mercy You have revealed to me the deepest longings of my soul.

I will dwell in the house of the Lord.  Forever.

Shepherd, I await the renewal of all things and look forward to our forever time together. Tomorrow I may find myself reminding my heart the virtues of this Song from the beginning once again. But the ending is the same. In faith I will wander the pasture with You. In the storms and miss-steps, I will remember where we are going. I will picture the beauty of your estate and think about how long we shall be there. Then the familiar words will ring truer than ever as they pass my lips.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.


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