Focus in the Mirror

“…But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him …” (Luke 15:20)

Our time looking into the mirror has taught us something about ourselves. The introspection can be painful as we sink into the truth of our inability to overcome our problems … addictions … hang ups … habits. Rationally, it’s just a matter of looking at the evidence. Emotionally, we have tried to eradicate the unacceptable behavior for so long we are actually tired of the fight. The truth is we cannot beat it. Think I’m lying? Go ahead and try again. I wish you well.

Though it feels lonely looking in the mirror, as we gain clarity in our vision of the truth, we also begin to focus on something else. Someone else. There in the mirror, perhaps in the shadows all along, is a figure.

I doubt there would be much value to the time in the mirror if at the end of the day we only knew the truth about ourselves. Is “I Can’t Do It” the end of the story? No, thankfully, it is not. There is someone who is waiting to rescue you from your inability.

As we focus on the image in the mirror we begin to see that we are not alone. A figure emerges from the shadows that does not frighten us. He is not distracted and unaware that he is in the mirror. No, in fact he is very focused on us. It is possible that some of the readers here do not know Him … though I would guess that most of us would know Him. We are not surprised at all to see his reflection.

Where are you, Adam?” is not a question seeking information. It is a question seeking relationship. Is that what the figure in the mirror is saying to you? “Where are you, Eve?” If we are willing to accept that we cannot hide any longer, we must emerge from the shadows into His presence. He never stopped looking for you. He was never very far away. He just couldn’t fix anything while you were so intent on fixing it your way. And the more you worked on it, the bigger mess it became. I don’t know what He felt like while he was standing there watching, wanting to help, restrained by His strong desire to help you get up out of the mire, but unwilling to force you to do it.

The figure in the mirror has His hand out. He’s actually reaching for you. Yes, you … the one who has gone so far that there is no way back on your own power. You keep trying and trying with the same results, and then you try one more time thinking that this time it will be different. And you get the sames results again. So you try again but get the same results. Do we not call this insanity?

More later…

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