Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

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In my estimation, one of the great bloggers in this online community is Jim Martin. Jim sets a high standard by blogging consistently, offering profound thoughts of his own and others, and by offering practical thoughts for daily discipleship. In a word, it appears to me that he tries harder than most bloggers (including me!). He posted a meme and then tagged me in it… in which I will happily participate for him. Some of the others he tagged have already written excellent responses. The rules are below, where I will tag five others. L.L. Barkat created this meme, “Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life.”


The Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

1. Blogging has helped me know the beauty of the universal faith community. There is a richness that comes from hearing about the lives of believers around the globe. To know the kinds of service in which they are involved, to hear their faith stories, to know their struggles … to watch as fellow bloggers rush to prayer and encouragement when someone is hurting … it is a beautiful testimony to the power of the faith community.

2. Blogging has helped me network with outstanding individuals of faith. That sounds like the same as #1, but is really an expansion. The resources available in the blogging community are enormous.  Just look at the amount of time being put into placing information at our fingertips on the various blogs. The blog community offers a library of practical information that is also interactive, giving it a life not found on the bookshelf.

3. Blogging has put my life into a bigger fishbowl. Good or bad? Sometimes I don’t know. The minister’s life has been described as a ‘fishbowl’ … meaning that we can be on ‘display’ and sometimes held to higher standards than others. As much as I have posted about my life in the past five or six years, I have likely exposed some weaknesses … and hopefully revealed some strengths. In all, I say with a grin that I have an “e-life”. I recently mentioned the Compassionate Friends support group. Our local leader had a call from a friend in Oregon the next day. The Oregon friend said, “I hear you’re having lunch with John Dobbs”. Now the friend in Oregon doesn’t know me from Adam, but he did a websearch for Compassionate Friends and ended up on my blog. With over 500 hits on many days, I’m not sure who all is reading this … but friends and enemies alike can know what I’m up to. I guess that should be creepy to me, but it’s not!

4. Blogging has given expression to developmental ideology. I have received criticism in the past because of some things said on the blog, and it will likely happen again. I have a friend or two who say I express too much at times. But I think it’s a new day of freedom in the church where people do not have to be afraid because they’ve come to a different conclusion than what they previously thought. And along with that comes the freedom to revert back upon further consideration. As my faith develops and I express my thoughts about things, I’m sure they will lack depth at times. If I were to go back and read all of my posts I’m sure I would disagree with me on many things. But I’m a work in progress, as we all are … and sharing my thoughts along the way does not mean that I’m teaching systematic theology. More like rolling with the flow!

5. Blogging has chronicled the height and depth of my life experience. When I started my blog I had no idea that it would become a focus of attention after a storm named Katrina. Of course I’m not the only blogger who chronicled their adventures following Katrina, but I know that many of my current readers started following my posts during that time. I had no idea that I would ever post something as dreadful as the death of our son, nor try to express our feelings about that loss. I’ve published some things I thought were funny as well. I think I’d like my grandchildren to have access to my blog posts over the years … and maybe their children as well. It’s not exactly a dusty diary found in a trunk in the attic … but it is a chronicle of the day to day life.

I can’t really tell you why I enjoy blogging so much. That remains a mystery to me. But I do know that I am always thrilled to read a comment or to know that something I said was meaningful to someone else on the journey. I like to encourage new bloggers as well.

As such, I’ll leave you with the address of a new blogger who deserves some good blog attention: Houston Bass is 16 years old and writing some pretty profound things for someone his age. I want to encourage him to keep writing!


Here are the rules (L.L. Barkat)

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