Fifty Shades of Objection


I think the Christian community has spoken with clarity – Fifty Shades of Grey is not fare for Christian eyes (especially children, no matter what the French think).

The single best writing I have seen about this movie is from the pen of a treasure in our region, Shellie Rushing Tomilinson, author and host of All Things Southern. I urge you to go right now and read her post HERE. She graciously gave me permission to reprint this in our church bulletin this week.

Here is the Christian Chronicle coverage, including links to faith based blogs writing about this book/movie. (How they missed mine, I have no idea!)

I’m gratified to see that many in the unChristian media are panning the movie for being a terrible movie (themes aside). The critics are unimpressed. I’m not always on the side of critics, but they seem pretty united on this one.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation encourages potential movie goers to make a $50 donation to a battered women’s shelter or organization that helps women.


I’m glad that many are speaking out about the theme of abuse being presented as romance. There was an old cigarette commercial that used the slogan, “We’ve come a long way, baby“. Well, I think we’re taking a step backwards here for women. I haven’t noticed any of the women’s rights groups speaking out. I suppose if the subject of the movie needed an abortion and was talked out of it by a Christian counselor, then there might be an uproar.

Anyhow… there are a lot of movies with unChristian themes. But few of them have the Hollywood media machine operating at full blast like this one. You can bet it’s not because it presents a message that uplifts our culture or helps people. It’s because somebody is going to make a ton of money off of the viewing public. At what expense?

My previous post on Fifty Shades of Grey.

Thanks for reading. JD

While you’re here, why not pick up one of Shellie Rushing Tomlinson’s great books?


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