Fifty Blessings

In no particular order…

1. My wonderful wife.

2. A beautiful daughter.

3. Memories and the experience of being John Robert’s dad.

4. Loveliest, smartest, most talented grandchildren in the world.

5. A church family that I love.

6. A church family that loves me.

7. Some very very close friends.

8. Good friends.

9. Many acquaintances that I enjoy.

10. Hot, running water.

11. Food in my pantry.

12. My car is paid for.

13. Assurance that God has forgiven me.

14. Multiple copies of the Bible in my own language.

15. Opportunities to teach others.

16. Occasional visits to the Smoky Mountains.

17. Shoes.

18. A home that I love.

19. Jackson, the dog.

20. The ability to assist others when they have needs.

21. Fall is coming.

22. Serving with elders that I respect and admire.

23. Serving our church alongside Jason and with Linda’s assistance.

24. My favorite chair.

25. Coffee.

26. Tears.

27. That turkey jalepeno melt sammich I ate the other day that made me sweat.

28. My years at Gulf Coast Bible Camp.

29. Hugs.

30. Good music.

31. Awareness of my own faults.

32. Books that challenge my faith and understanding.

33. Back scratcher that I keep within arms reach.

34. The brick corner in our foyer that is a great back scratcher when I’m out of reach of #33.

35. Mom. (Who will wonder why it took until #35 to mention her! See the ‘no particular order’ disclaimer!)

36. Brother and sisters.

37. Warm memories of my grandparents.

38. Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

39. Commodes.

40. iPhone.

41. Did I mention coffee?

42. Air conditioning.

43. My wife’s family.

44. Medication.

45. Simple recipes that create great food.

46. The beauty of the birds that visit my feeder.

47. The empty tomb.

48. Rain.

49. My health.

50. God’s presence.

51. Anyone who would take time to read this blog.

Why not create a list of 50 blessings for your blog?


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