A Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. We are opting to spend this Sunday on the road to Maggy’s parents, rather than try to sit through a Father’s Day sermon. I don’t think we are ready for that.

I am thankful to have a beautiful, intelligent daughter in Nicole. And her daughter, Claire, seems much more like a daughter than a grand daughter, since they lived with us for so long. I’m thankful for a son-in-law Robert, that we are still enjoying getting to know. And for a new grandson named Blake, who brightens the room with his smile. So, Maggy and I have plenty for which to be thankful. And those blessings from God really do make a difference in our lives. We do not take them for granted at all.

But there remains that shadow over this day. I won’t get that call from John Robert. There is a silence where I would have expected a “happy Father’s Day, dad” from him. There are not many pictures of me and John Robert. I was usually the one taking the pictures. The pictures, the memories … they’re a small compensation for putting my arms around that boy.

I mentioned that everything looks different. Now there seems that there is seldom a day that goes by that I do not read of the death of a teenager. The heartbreaking story of the Iowa Boy Scouts who died and were seriously injured in a tornado cuts me deep.

But it is all bittersweet. There is joy in the sorrow. There is hope in the darkness. While I miss my son I love my daughter and her family. And while my own father deserted me years ago, my stepdad has been a wonderful source of strength. I’m married to a beautiful and special woman, and her father has been a father to me as well. I’ve had many spiritual fathers in my life over the years. Still, this will be a different Father’s day for me…one with a shadow.

Your continued prayers mean so much to us. Oh, and you don’t want to miss Trey Morgan’s best post ever, right HERE.

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