Fall Weekend

It is a breezy, cool, fall weekend in Monroe, Louisiana. It feels good to be home, and to have Mother here with us. We all thought it would be a great idea for her to have a few days away to rest and get some of her strength back. I regard it as a duty, but moreso a privilege to help take care of my mother. My stepdad asked me, before he died, to be sure to see after her. I appreciate his heart, but he didn’t have to ask. Watching her mourn is like reliving the loss of John Robert again. Her grief surpasses mine. She was married to Harold for almost 28 years. There are brighter days ahead but that’s hard for all of us to know at this point. We just believe it by faith.

Jason preached in my place last Sunday and he always does a great job. Whenever I miss a Sunday at Forsythe I feel like I haven’t seen anyone in ages. I’m looking forward to the smiles and joy of tomorrow. Not that I’ve had time to prepare a message … just hoping God puts something on my heart between now and then! He usually does. I will be with the LifeGroup that meets at the building tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to some time with them.

Last night Maggy and I took Mother to Cracker Barrel. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her eat a real meal since Harold passed away. We were so happy to run into Donnie and Mary Franklin. It was a perfect ending to a long day to see their smiling faces and to be greeted so warmly.

Somehow there is great power in knowing that you are loved and appreciated. It does not have to be by everyone…just … someone. In that regard Maggy and I feel so blessed to have friends in Pascagoula and now in Monroe who so beautifully express their support for us. The world can be a lonely place, especially when troubles begin to pile up. There’s something about a hug or a pat on the back that lets one know that it’s OK to take the next few steps ahead.

In an extended way that’s what this blog does for my heart as well. So many of you have written comments, sent private e-mails, and even cards through snail mail … giving of yourselves. Your prayers and God’s Spirit have kept us going. You are loved.

On this cool Fall day I am amazed that above and beyond our pain, there is a a shower of blessings … falling like brown, red, orange, and yellow leaves that cover the ground … preparing the earth, and our hearts, for the next season.

Thanks for reading,

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