Facebook No-Nos

Facebook-Mistakes One of the ills of social media is the loss of privacy. Whenever you upload a picture or update a status you are letting the world know what’s going on in your life. True, most of the world doesn’t care. But should we care that it is out there? Absolutely.

Employers are taking a look at Facebook before hiring a potential employee. Smart move. That nice person who came to the interview and answered every question correctly also appears to spend every waking hour away from work at local bars engaging in drunken behavior. Do you think that doesn’t matter to your boss? Or that it’s none of their business? Think again. It affects your work ethic. And that affects the quality of your work.

We are free to abstain from Facebook, but since millions of people have not made that choice, there should be some warnings for the uninitiated.

*Settings. Learn how to set your Facebook settings to “Friends Only”. They are set to “everyone” by default. That means that if you have not changed your Facebook settings everyone in the world can see your pictures, your status updates, your address, your workplace, or whatever information you have placed there. Here are some ways to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY WITH FACEBOOK SETTINGS. You can decide how much of your information / pictures / status can be seen by others. This is especially encouraged for parents with youngsters using Facebook.

*Memories. I’m sure all of us have done things that we hope no one else will remember. Then again, if there are pictures of it on Facebook memories are extended into infinity. You may think it’s just funny … or not think of it much at all … right now. But in the coming years when you are trying to get that new job, or when your kids are surfing the net and come upon a picture of you, those may not be precious memories after all. Nor funny. I know that no one thinks this will happen to them. Good luck with that.

*Influence. Addressing Christians in particular, I am often embarrassed at the kinds of things my brothers and sisters post on Facebook. The language that is used, the activities presented, and the dress (or undress)… it can all work against you to destroy your influence for God among your friends. I wonder if you’ve ever considered that you have the greatest opportunity to reach your friends for Christ? You, more than others!  Are your friends willing to hear the gospel from someone who promotes movies that are filthy, uses profane language, makes heroes of music ‘artists’ who sing about everything that we are against, and appearing in pictures with booze or with almost no clothes. You might say that maybe I just shouldn’t look. But I care … and I want you to care … about your influence. I don’t want you to just stop putting that junk on Facebook, I want to encourage you to stop putting that junk in your life.

Facebook can be so much fun, do so much good, offer so many opportunities. But like all good things, Satan  has a way of taking that and twisting it to his purposes. Don’t fall into the trap of the Facebook no-nos!

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