Facebook Down, Panic Ensues

6.18.2013For a brief time tonight Facebook was down. Major panic ensued because there were some cat pictures ready to be posted and some FarmTown crops that needed to be harvested.

I wonder what the internet is like without Facebook? There is a generation of computer users who could legitimately ask that question. I’m not among them. I came on board to the internet with an old ¬†web service called Pipeline. It was actually pretty good. But the vast internet galaxy was yet to be the reality it is today.

Before Facebook came along you sent an email and waited to see if a response came back.

Before Facebook you posted items on ‘bulletin boards’ and came back every once in a while to see if there was a response.

Before Facebook you joined an IRC (internet relay chat), which I believe you can still do, and had chats with strangers who sometimes became friends. Yes, eFriends without family history, friend lists, pictures of lunch or even a reason to actually believe anything they told you.

But that was then. Facebook has not only changed the internet, it has changed how we keep in touch with one another. It has changed the interface of our online time. There’s no uncracking this egg (although I still know a few holdouts who have abstained).

I have a few friends who go on a ‘Facebook fast’ during Lenten season. It irritates me, to be honest. I usually need to contact them during that time and I can’t because they aren’t THERE. Yes I can text them, email them, and even *major eye roll* CALL them. But why should I have to when everybody else has found their way to the cyber watering hole?

If Facebook really did crash and disappear, I’m sure the life would find a way. I know there are other networks trying to compete but they just don’t have what it takes.

You may be awaiting some philosophical reflection to make you go ‘wow’. Well, if the idea of Facebook disappearing doesn’t make you say ‘wow’, then you haven’t been trying to get to the next level of Candy Crush Saga. (I got to level 70 and quit.)

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