End of the Weekend

Thanks for the great comments on the last post. Feel free to continue to post more if you’d like to express yourself. We had a good crowd at Central this morning. I’m going to have to find someone who will take the job of taking a count each week…although that doesn’t tell the whole story. One of the neat things that happened today is a surprise visit from some folks from Southern Hills Church of Christ in Franklin, TN. The Lincolns and Derryberrys were here to see how things looked one year later. I remember clearly the beautiful gift of Christmas presents given to each member of our church by this sweet church (in cooperation with the Concord Avenue Church of Christ in Brentwood, TN). We enjoyed renewing our acquaintance and having a lunch together at the new Harbor Cafe in Moss Point. Harry and Ann Lane were with us, and we were thankful Harry said, ‘give me the bill’!  We enjoyed re-living the memories of the various ways that Southern Hills offered their support in the earlier months of the relief effort. They remain interested, and we are thankful. I was able to record the message this morning called, ‘Three Christmas Gifts for God’ from Micah 6. Perhaps by the time you read this it will be uploaded HERE.

We are in those last few weeks of the year that tend to pass by in a swift flurry of activity for many people. Shopping, parties, cookies, decorating, travels, family gatherings will dominate our days until we go to bed one night soon and notice that we are in a new year. So, this week, try not to let the days escape without some purposeful opportunity of service. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

 And while you’re buying gifts and you’re looking for that one unique present that’s going to set you apart, please pass up the Your Best Life Now – The Game. Lest you think this is some kind of joke or urban legend, check out snopes.com all you want, it’s real! It is available at Target.com. I know some of you will think you’ll make a good impression with this new offering, but I promise you will never be invited to that party again. Unless you’re doing gag gifts. What happens if you lose? You get a crummy life? The worst thing that could happen is the astounded recipient might break out the game and force you to play it. I’m sorry if you are a Joel Osteen fan and are offended by this little humor …. but … you gotta admit this is Christian marketing gone nuts. Hey, he preaches for one of the largest congregations in the USA, he can take a little fun at his expense!


I really liked Bobby Cohoon’s writing about the gifts of the Magi. I shared this with my Bible class this morning.

Thanks to Nick for pointing me to Lee Hodge’s heart-touching series on Professor Jack.

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