Encouraging Those In Military Service

During this time of year there are many warm-hearted individuals who want to send a holiday card or gift package to someone who is serving in the armed forces. It is also during this time of year I begin to get emails encouraging me to send cards to “any American soldier” at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In fact, I’ve received several of those already. I thought I’d do my part here on the blog to clear up a hoaxy email that is going around, and also give the proper information.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center is not set up to receive cards to “any American soldier” who is recovering there. These cards are not getting where you want them to go. HOWEVER, there is a procedure by which you CAN get cards / calling cards / gift packages, etc. to a random soldier via existing programs.

On the Walter Reed Site you can read HERE about the American Red Cross Holiday Mail Call program, wherein they hope to distribute a million holiday cards.

There is also information at that site about a Thankgiving Text program in which you can participate. Details HERE.

When passing along things you’ve received in e-mail, it is always good to check behind the person who sent them – who is usually a genuinely caring and sweet person who thinks they are doing a good thing – to make sure that the information is correct. SNOPES is a great resource for this, but not nearly the only one. Feel free the list the resource you use in the comments.

For example, HERE is a great article about the above mentioned holiday card program. There is both the false information, and the true information.

As the Snopes article mentions, be sure to pay attention to deadlines or special details such as what is and is not appropriate for the things sent through the mail.

Happy Holidays everyone. Keep a close eye on that “forward” button … it can sometimes have you wishing you hadn’t pushed it! I’ve had that experience, and I bet you have too.

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