Eat at Aunt Bea’s!


Frank, Tiffany, and Aunt Bea Do the Cooking and Serve Up the Southern Hospitality.


Just north of the intersection of Forsythe and Oliver is a small place with big taste…and a big heart. Frank and Aunt Bea along with daughter Tiffany offer up some of the best Southern cooking I’ve eaten, and they do it every day. A daily special includes a choice of two meats, veggies on the side, bread, dessert and tea.

As expected, one of the choices is fried chicken.  But it’s not just fried chicken like you can get at any convenience store…this tastes like chicken from grandma’s house. I wouldn’t lie to you!

When I talk about Southern cooking, I’m talking about black eyed peas, great northern beans, broccoli and cheese casserole, rice and gravy, green beans with bacon, and the list goes on. Nothing, and I’m telling you NOTHING, in that place tastes like it came out of a can or was cooked yesterday. There are many places serving up food like this, but I think Aunt Bea’s has a special touch.

Now I’m just learning about something called “hot water cornbread“. It’s not a complex recipe. And it’s not a ‘healthy’ recipe either. Of course I’ve known about cornbread all my life…but I do not remember anyone talking about ‘hot water cornbread’. My friend Wendy likened it to a favorite of her family – polenta. Anyhow, I do not need to be eating this every day, but I’ll be happy to have some on occasion. And I know where to get it! Aunt Bea’s hot water cornbread is excellent!

Another thing I like about going to Aunt Bea’s is that it is obvious from the outset that they are Christian folks. They are not open on Sundays. I want to encourage you Ouachita parish residents to make your way over to Aunt Bea’s as soon as you can…let’s help support a great local business in our comunity!

I like the slogan on the wall: “If it tastes good, tell somebody. If it doesn’t, tell me.” Well, this is just my way of telling somebody.

Aunt Bea’s Kitchen  2003 Oliver Road  Monroe, LA  322-7687

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