Driven To Prayer

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The past few weeks have been filled with challenging events that tear at our hearts and call us to come to grips with new realities. Maybe your social media has been filled with a thousand opinions and predictions about things that matter … and some things that do not. Have you seen people ‘unfriending’ one another because they disagree on a matter? I’ve read reasonable responses to the various situations facing us, and I’ve seen some terribly immature responses that did nothing but stir up more hatred and ill will. It is all beyond me to try to fix … but it is not beyond our God. So if you are disturbed by the events of the day (any day) … let it drive you to prayer.

When we are driven to prayer we admit…

*We cannot repair this broken world, but we know Someone who can.

*We have our own part in the faults and blames, and we receive the forgiveness and insight to begin again.

*We trust that God hears and is moved to action when His children pray.

*We desire to be used, for God to speak through our hands, feet, words, and hearts to reach out to others.

*We desperately need God’s presence and never want to face a day without Him.

I’m not very familiar with The Jesus Psalter, but I ran across a paragraph that speaks to me today. “Richard Whytford, an English monk, composed the complex Jesus Psalter as a means of solace and supernatural protection during the bloody anti-Catholic persecutions of Henry VIII” (Prayer: A History by Philip Zaleski, Carol Zaleski). So, it is a prayer born of adversity. It longs to focus on Christ and not the surrounding circumstances. When we are driven to pray, I think it is a great prelude to pouring out our heart to the Lord:

Jesus, grant me the grace to fix my mind on Thee, especially in time of prayer, when I directly converse with Thee. Stop the motions of my wandering head, and the desires of my unstable heart, and my many vain imaginings. O beloved of my soul, take up all my thoughts here, that mine eyes, abstaining from all vain and hurtful sights, may become worthy to behold Thee face to face in Thy glory for ever.

When distracted and frightened by the events surrounding you … take a moment to re-orient your heart … to focus upon the Lord.

Thanks for reading, JD.