Discoveries From Reading an Old Blog Post

6.13.13Only a few years ago the way to keep up with anyone was by reading their blog. I know there are still an enormous number of blogs out there in the vast digital galaxy. I have a reader set up and so the posts from a good number of blogs are available any time I want to take a minute to read them  (many on my blogroll which can be accessed on the “Awesome Bloggers” tab above). But since I now have them on my reader, they tend to pile up. And they tend to be different than they used to be.

This is on my mind because I needed to look up something on an old blog post of mine (from October of 2007 no less!) for a class tonight. OK, even I think it’s weird that I’m looking at my blog posts from almost six years ago. After I found what I was looking for I just scanned around some of those posts before and after.

I discovered that I miss that kind of blog post. I know what happened to them … FACEBOOK happened to them. I like Facebook a lot, so I’m not complaining. I just remember posting about the ordinary things of the day and taking a moment to reflect on them. Nowadays it’s on Facebook and covered up under 600 other posts before we can hit ‘like’. There’s no time for reflection, just reporting.

I discovered that I’ve retained most of the friends who used to comment on the blog, over on that other website with a billion users. Reading their comments from several years ago made me smile. And these good people still make me smile.

I discovered that I may be more in touch and more out of touch with friends than ever.

  • More in touch because you may see a picture of my lunch any moment now over on the Facebook. More out of touch because I probably didn’t tell you about a neat conversation I had at lunch.
  • More in touch because I found a neat quote or had a neat thought to share. More out of touch because I’ve thought too much about the instant ‘like’ and comment world of Facebook where you can offend people just by being nice and thousands of people can chime in. (Instead of the fairly small audience of friends who will even take time to read this.)
  • More in touch because of all the ways I can connect my Instagram and Twitter accounts to Facebook and people can get an overload of John Dobbs sometimes I’m sure! More out of touch because there isn’t time to explore or converse much deeper than a thimble.
  • More in touch because I see so many great people posting so often …including family … how could you not like that! More out of touch because it’s more like lowering your window on the interstate and trying to yell a “hello” to a car passing at 70 mph on Facebook, and here it’s more like sitting down with a cup of coffee and having a conversation.

I know, Facebook has groups – and I do belong to a couple of really great groups where deeper conversations occur. No matter if you like Zuckerberg or not, Facebook has turned flips trying to become all things to all people. They’ve done a great job of it.

One more thing I discovered … I don’t always embrace change. Here I am blogging about blogging and feeling kind of like the old people I used to grin at … reminiscing about .5 a gallon gasoline and such. Well, maybe blogging isn’t that far in the past yet. But it seems to be headed that way. Anybody seen a typewriter lately?

If you read this today, thanks for reading!


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