Disaster Relief Continues in Texas / Louisiana

It was good to be back with my Forsythe Family this morning and this evening. They welcomed my mother with open arms, which made me very happy.

Yesterday I received a phone call from Bo, who identified himself as “your favorite Pennsylvanian“. He and Tom Hixson and a few others were driving to Beaumont, Texas to do hurricane relief work. We met Bo and Tom and others in Pascagoula following Katrina. They work with the Hope Missions effort. After his first visit Bo went home and made a beautiful pulpit for Central. I wish I could have brought it with me to Monroe. He was calling to invite me to lunch, but he didn’t know I had changed locations. I’m sure he didn’t know about our losses this year either … but I didn’t tell him. Of all of the states that sent help our way, it seems like Pennsylvania sent the most. That’s just an impression. But of course we were thankful for everyone from everywhere!

I received e-mail today from Mark and Laura Cremeans of the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team. On Laura’s blog are some details about the ongoing work in helping the community of Bridge City, Texas which was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. The video below reminds me so much of Pascagoula, Mississippi after Katrina. If you use Twitter, you can follow Laura HERE.


Bridge City, Texas Still Recovering from Hurricane Ike.

Photo gallery from Hurricane Ike damage in Bridge City, Texas.

Other Relief Organizations.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) in Slidell, LA.

Hurricane season ends November 30th. There are still many recovering from Katrina, which was three years ago! I thank God for every volunteer and donor that is being used to help others with disasters such as these.

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