Disaster Relief


Tuscaloosa Tornado

The tornado outbreak of this week is simply breathtaking. Prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and homes in the disastrous outbreak across several states. Our hearts are moved to try to help in some way, even though the worst of these disasters are far away from us.

There are many many wonderful relief agencies that will be doing all they can to reach out to the communities suffering devastation. The following is a list of those that I have experience with and that I can recommend. Some of these do not yet list the tornadoes on their websites, but I’m certain they will. I appreciate greatly those relief agencies that work through local churches because of the contacts these churches already have in the community. All of these came to our rescue after Hurricane Katrina. Continue to pray for those who have suffered such great losses.

Whites Ferry Road Relief Ministries

Disaster Assistance COC

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

International Disaster Emergency Service

Convoy of Hope

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team

If you have confidence in other relief agencies, feel free to leave them in the comments.

I thank God for those who give so much of themselves to bless strangers who are suffering.


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