Last night I was fairly clear that I was not feeling well … very blah … but what I didn’t know that either (1) food poisoning or (2) a top end / bottom end virus was poised to attack. It was a night of horrors. I guess I’ll spare you the details. It seemed that every 90 minutes I had an attack.

Since there is a possibility of spreading a virus, I will not be going to my parents. Aside from the fact that she is undergoing chemo (a very big reason not to go if you may be carrying a vicious bacillus), there will also be several little kiddos there and I just can’t risk infecting them.

At this point I’m down to sipping ice water slowly. I still feel horrible.

It was stormy all night and continues to rain heavily.

Jackson, MS area storm damage.

I imagine I’ll sleep a bunch today.

Anyway there’s a lot of disappointment today.

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