Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Whitney, Britney, & Lindsay … three talented ladies. Each offers something in the entertainment world that is unique and appealing. Through exposure offered in the limelight, they have ascended into fame. And descended into infamy.


Beauty, talent, fame, adoring fans, money, and the promise of more and more … these women become the role models for pre-teen and teen girls who know their songs by heart and who dress like them. The dollars of adolescents fuel the industry that keeps these ladies in the limelight.

 But in spite of having the world adoring them, each has experience significant crash and burn. Drunkeness, violence, drugs, and other destructive patterns of living have made them fodder for grocery store tabloids. Each in thier own way is a poster child for all that can go wrong in the life of a young person. Whitney demonstrates that tragic mistakes are not only for the young. Because of their fame and fortune, they become easy targets for judgment. They can make a comeback, and maybe they will.

How many of us have awakened from a drunken stupor only to wonder what we did the night before? How many have sworn we would never do drugs again, only to find ourselves with our third DUI? I wonder how many have stared in the mirror at their shaved head with unbelief. What have we done to ourselves? And if none of those things ring a bell with you, just take a look into the past. I am sure we all can recognize the times and places that our morals fell apart.

They’re famous and reporters make sure that we know about every move they make. But maybe we need to see ourselves in their mistakes. Our lack of fame and fortune allows us to fall with some measure of anonymity. Their very public exploits are nothing more than our own. Rather than hating them, we should pray for them?

We tend to view ourselves as ‘little sinners’ … while three-time-DUI Lohan is a ‘big sinner’. Seems to me that Jesus spent his time with the ‘big sinners’…so much so that he was called a ‘friend of sinners’. And Jesus is the only difference that stands between the Christian and other sinners. Our churches are full of people who have committed the same sins as those pictured above, but through their trust in the blood of Christ they have been cleansed and set free. Plenty of our church members have sinned in every way you can imagine. That I can see, there are only two differences between us (Christians) and them (celebrity sinners):

1) We have been saved by the grace and mercy of God.

2) We have been given the mission to live the Christ-like life, avoiding the things that used to characterize our life and filling our minds and hearts with the spirit of Christ.

Sometimes we do well, and sometimes we don’t. But at all times we are to keep our focus on Jesus Christ. “Didn’t we almost have it all?” is not a great theme song for the day of judgment. Through Jesus we have it all…everything we need. Without Him, we would have nothing. What’s on your mind?

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*I would like to say that I have no knowledge if the ladies above are Christians or not.  I do recognize the possibility that they are fellow strugglers in Christ. I make no judgment about their salvation at all … but use the example of their behavior as the kind from which Christians have been rescued.


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