Deep of Your Grace


You are the Shepherd
Giving what I could not afford
Leaving the many
You sought to find me Lord

I will remember
You are the reason for my song
Blessed Redeemer
You love me as Your own

In the deep of Your grace
All my sins are washed away
Here I know the power of forgiveness
Here I know the power of Your blood

All I am
will I lay down
All I have
before Your cross Lord

Hillsongs Church 

The Bank Vault of Prayer

I’ve Screwed Up. From Al Sturgeon’s Blog: “I was reading Troy’s blog this morning and discovered that he had been on CNN last night! I forgot to mention that Troy is the king of all creativity when it comes to church life. His most recent teaching series was titled “,” which came complete with a website of the same title. It is, in effect, a cyber-confessional, and the concept is so novel that he was interviewed and featured on the Anderson Cooper 360 show last night. If you’re interested, you can read the transcript HERE.”

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