Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix,

I thought we were happy together. You’ve always been there for me… and our exchanges have never resulted in anything but sunshine and roses.

All of that changed when you let me know that I just wasn’t making you happy – there had to be more to our relationship. I have to admit that at first, I was hurt. Haven’t I offered enough to you? I committed long term … month after month… I never let you down. I worked hard to keep up my end of the vows we made.

Well, mostly. Please don’t look at me that way … I admit … I spent some time with Hulu Plus. True enough, I shared some things with Hulu that could have come ¬†your way. I didn’t think of it as cheating, after all it was you who was there with me in person, week after week. I wasn’t really satisfied with Hulu, it was just hard to say goodbye even though it was costing me.

So now you’ve thrown down the gauntlet. If things are going to continue as they are, I’ve got choices to make. Well, I have made up my mind. Netflix, I was angry at first … but now I realize that this is all for the best. Ultimately our relationship can only grow. I will embrace our current plan… streaming… AND … DVD… because you have earned my trust and I know this will be for the best.

Oh, and yes, I will say goodbye to Hulu Plus. And, I think that makes us even.

See you in the Starz,


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