Day of Preparation

Greetings Friends!

So far this week has been non-stop, but I kinda like for things to keep moving along. They have. I’ve got a few things I’m right on the edge of being able to share with you, but not quite. So you’ll have to check back in over the next few days or week or so … not that it will rock your world or anything… just stuff happening that hasn’t quite happened yet.

However, this is to be a day of preparation for me. Tomorrow I will embark on a new one-day adventure. I am covering Jason’s class at Ouachita Christian School for the day. That means I’ll have three classes of 7th graders and one class of 8th graders. I think the 8th grade class has 44 boys. Since I’m only subbing for the day and school has just started, I can talk about whatever I want (I’m sure within legal / moral limitations!). I was considering an excursus on the textus receptus and it’s relation to the majority text. I’m sure the kiddos will be thrilled with that subject and they will feel very enriched. I’m also sure I won’t tread on Jason’s lesson plans for the future.

But if I decide NOT to do that subject … what would you suggest these young people need? It is a Bible class in a Christian school … so something related to Christianity is certainly in order.

I’m looking forward to the day. Lots of our young people and many of our adults are connected with OCS. It is a natural extention of our church’s work and interest.

OK, blog readers, looking for your ideas here. Go ahead and be creative if you want … a good laugh never hurt anyone.


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