David & Elaine Kilbern

 David & Elaine Kilbern With Expressions of Love From Americorps

Those who read this blog and have been to Pascagoula to participate in Hurricane Katrina Relief are no strangers to David and Elaine Kilbern. These tireless servants have given almost two years of their lives away to the community. Working with no salary, and even turning away job offers during this time, David has set aside his charter boat business to serve the helpless. With some support that was sent to help David do this, he was able to pay his bills and keep directing the hurricane effort. No one will ever know the countless hours they have spent … in the thousands … sacrificing for others. They totally lost one vehicle – their main one – by loaning it to a family in distress. The family wanted to return the car filled with gas, but unknowingly filled the tank with bad gas. This was not long after the storm. The engine was ruined. His Expedition has been driven by hundreds of drivers, pulling countless trailers overfilled with weighty supplies. It has been backed into, jacknifed into a trailer, and probably abused in a hundred ways we do not even know. I have known David to use his own personal funding to buy bus tickets for people to go home. David has given people a chance to start a new life and spent enormous amounts of time with them … sometimes to have them steal from him or lie about him. Yet he continues to love the downtrodden and broken hearted. Elaine has spent so many hours at the kitchen preparing meals that there is no way to calculate her contribution. The other ladies who work at the kitchen will testify to her tenacity, perseverance, strength, and commitment. I just tell you these things to illustrate some of the many many ways they have personally sacrificed for this mission. Of course they will not tell you these things … they are much too humble for that.

Veto Roley wrote an excellent news story about David Kilbern that was published in yesterday’s The Mississippi Press.  The article is located HERE.

David and Elaine are emotionally and physically exhausted. It’s hard to exaggerate the level of service they have modeled before us. I honestly dont’ know how they have done it. But the time has come for them to take care of themselves more … although they have no intention of discontinuing their service.

At this time we are asking all those who are considering coming to work on the Coast to plan for the first week of each month.  We will have a work camp once a month – during the first week. I believe we can take up to about 100 workers during these weeks. Currently there are no workers from the second week of August until the first week of December. So if you would like to come and work (and there is still plenty of work to do!):

  • Check your calendar and pick out the best week for your schedule.
    • July 29-August 4
    • September 2-8
    • September 30 – October 6
    • November 4-10
    • December 2-8
    • As for 2008, we will not be accepting workers during January
  • Publicize the trip and accumulate a number of workers coming to the Coast.
  • E-mail me and I will get you on the work schedule.
  • Do not wait too long, because the weeks can fill up quickly.

 We remain amazed and filled with praises to God for the workers who continue to come here. Most of them say that they cannot believe there is still so much to be done. Every group brings new energy and fresh faith … and God continues to bless us all.

Today’s post has been about David & Elaine. They deserve much more. I know it’s an e-mail world … and it’s so much easier just to zip off an e-mail to someone … but I’d like to encourage all of the readers here to send a real card in the mail to David and Elaine. If you’ll send it to the church address, I’ll make sure they get them. It would be a small thing for you, but it would mean the world to them.

David & Elaine Kilbern  c/o Central Church of Christ P. O. Box 2104 Pascagoula, MS 39569

Thanks for reading today!

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