Dallas Lockhart, February 1922 – June 2013

lockhartOne of the happy memories from my youth is when Dallas and Evelyn Lockhart came to live in Luling, Louisiana. He was the minister of the Barton Avenue Church of Christ and I was a member there as a teenager.

Dave Masinter was also a member at Barton Ave and has reconnected with me on Facebook. A few nights ago Dave left a note that Dallas had passed away. Thank you for letting me know David. Dallas was 91. His sweet Evelyn survives him. His obituary can be read HERE.

A few years ago I invited several friends to write a blog post about someone who had influenced them for Christ. Several took me up on it and I called that series of posts “Passing the Torch”. You can read all of those by clicking on the Pass the Torch tab above or click HERE. I wrote four of those. One of them was about the influence Dallas had on my life. As I re-read it, I think I said everything there that I would want to say here. If you’d like to read it, click HERE.

The influence of Dallas and Evelyn lives on through their family. I don’t know all of the family I suppose… but son Terry is an elder at McComb, MS church. Since my brother in law attends there with his wife I happen to know they are looking for a preacher. I don’t think he was ‘trying out’, but recently Christopher Lockhart preached there. Christopher is Terry and Susan’s son, Dallas and Evelyn’s grandson. I hear he is quite bright and an excellent preacher. Kind of like Dallas, if you ask me.

I was happy to find Dallas on Facebook, but I don’t think he ever posted anything there. I don’t know if he ever even looked at it.

I am sorry for the pain and loss his family must feel. But I have to be glad for Dallas…as he is happy in heaven. I look forward to seeing him there.

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