This is in recognition of those…

– who are missing their dads today because they are no longer with us

– who don’t know where their dads are because they left

– who never knew their dads

– who have spent years forgiving their dads

– who regret not loving their dads better

– who can no longer hear their children’s voices because they’re gone

– who never got to hold their unborn children

– who have lived in hell watching their children destroy their lives

– who have lived in hell because their dads destroyed their lives

– who mostly got it right

– who mostly didn’t get it right

– who accepted children who weren’t their own as if they were

– who accepted someone as a dad who wasn’t really their dad, but loved them as if they were

– who take their jobs as dads very seriously

– who wish they had a dad who cared

It seems that Fathers Day is a very complex day.


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