Creating Confusion?

TRIP.  This morning I got up and went with Chris to enjoy breakfast at a restaurant in downtown McDonough called GRITZ. They have good grits! Then Maggy and I took off for LaGrange, Georgia where we had lunch with Gary Kirkendall. After lunch we went to The Mill Store and had some talk-time with Wade, who is helping us with carpet for our church building. I also met another man who said, “I know you, you’re a blogger!” Now I’m embarrassed that I do not remember his name, but perhaps he will leave a note or Gary will. Sorry for the bad memory! I also met someone who reads my blog last night at the small group meeting hosted by John Alan Turner. I neglected to mention that that group surrounded Maggy and me and prayed over us. It was wonderful to be loved that way. After some time at the carpet place, we stopped by a nearby ‘junktique’ place to look around. We kind of hurried our way through there, because we wanted to get home! I enjoyed a call from Anna while we were on the drive. She called to check on my hand and the recovery from surgery. We met John Robert back in Moss Point for supper before going home. It’s good to be home safe and sound.

HEALTH. I’ve had some inquiries about my health. With this cool weather my hands are dry, and the skin is pulling against the stitches. Uncomfortable, but not painful. As for my leg, last Friday I saw a vascular specialist. He informed me that I did not have a vascular problem, so no surgery is called for. I do have a circulation problem, and as a result my legs swell. As they swell, little valleys I cannot see or feel form in my skin and germs can get in there! These can cause an infection signaled by redness, nausea, fever, etc. Cellulitis is the diagnosis. Antibiotics are a band-aid. The suggested “cure” is to lose a lot of weight. He suggested The South Beach Diet, so I have ordered the book and Maggy and I will begin it soon. I’ll keep you posted! Any other South Beachers out there?

CONFUSION. I think one reason we get our feathers all ruffled about insignificant things is because we speak of them in such unbiblical ways. I’m guilty as anyone. We talk about ‘going to church’ … and we know what we mean by that … but are we educating our sub-conscience in such a statement? In a recent gospel paper there was a picture of a “church building” with this caption: “A church wth a new name“. Really, we must be more careful about these kinds of expressions! First, it is the sign in front of the building that is sporting the new name! The church, as we read about it in the Bible, doesn’t even have a name! They certainly cannot have a new name! And the members of the congregation do not sport new names either. They acquired a new sign. On the same page is this snippet: “Antioch Church Building Destroyed by Fire!” Aside from the common misnomer, “Church Building”, we are thankful that it was the building that caught on fire and not the church!  Now I’m not picking on my friends’ paper. I eagerly read through each issue …finding both things I like and things I do not like … but always loving the editor….a longtime friend. However, I do think we create confusion when we continue to allow ourselves the luxury of referring to a building as the “church”. So long as that building is the “church”, we can now create rules about what can happen in that building, who can say something in that building, what kinds of activities can happen in that building, what furniture has to be in that building and where it has to be, etc. I remember one preacher friend who was accused of valuing his preaching of greater worth than the Lord’s Supper. Why? The communion table was moved to a different location than it had been before. We need to repeat that old saying I heard when I was growing up among Christians … and that is “even if the building burns down, the church will still exist.” We’re too connected to a place … and as a result we do not feel very connected to a person.

Then again, maybe this doesn’t seem important to you. We do tend to prioritize things that bother us and things that do not. I want to do a post soon on really big important biblical issues we neglect in order to continually chat about things not even mentioned in the Bible. E-mail me with some of the big issues you feel that we often overlook.

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One of my favorite groups that sing contemporary Christian music is Building 429. Here’s a great one from them called “Glory Defined”. See you next time!

Glory Defined

There’s always a better way
there’s always a bridge that needs crossings
there’s always the straight and the narrow
the wide and the shallow
But I know that you’re guiding me
and the best is yet to come
You’ve given me hope for tomorrow
and I know some day

I’ll wake up to find
Your glory defined
and I will finally bow at your feet
I will lift up your name in honor and praise
when I cross over Jordan
I know that I’ll be running home to you

It’s always the simple things
it’s always the obvious that crashes over me
It’s always in front of me
it helps me to remember
this is what I live for
and I can’t wait


there’s never a question in your message
never a moment without your presence
there’s never a doubt in my mind
that I’ll


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