Cool Saturday Morning

It is a delightfully cool Saturday morning near New Orleans, Lousiana. If it is cool this far South, that leads me to believe that everyone is enjoying a cool morning.

Our plans are evolving each day and I wanted to keep you posted on what’s going on. My church family in Monroe is enjoying DISCOVER. Craig Hicks spoke last night. I know everyone’s going to have a great weekend there. For any Forsythe members reading, just a reminder that Sunday morning worship will be at OCS, not at the Forsythe building. I think it will be at 9:30 (better check on that). There will be no evening service tomorrow.

Maggy and I intend to head over to Pascagoula to visit the kids this morning. We will return this evening.

Dad had a very good day yesterday and we were thankful for that.

That’s most of my news … hope you have a super weekend.

Keep on praying,


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