We have company for the weekend. Maggy’s sister Kathy and cousin Brenda are here for a few days. Already they have brought a lot of joy and smiles to our home. I’m thankful that they can be here. Tomorrow is a bridal shower for our daughter who was married a few months ago. Saturday night a new crew of workers arrives for the week. It’s Day 4 of South Beach Diet and all is going well. And that’s what’s going on in my world.

Here are some blogs that caught my attention today.

The Volunteer Villages of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance are proving very popular, a fact which is evident in just how many work teams traveled to the Gulf Coast last month.  While many people think that things are winding down, the work continues all along the Coast.

Here are some online Bible study resources presented by Matt Dabbs.

Dusty Rush Identifies Some True Heroes, and Makes An Appeal.

Mike Cope speaks of the challenges of ministering to different kinds of people.

Terry Rush weighs in on Ted Haggard.

Thanks for reading!

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