Coffee Break 5

Here are some great posts to take in with some java and a quiet moment.

Deconstruction is Devastating. An uninvited deconstruction of our lives takes place with the loss of a child. How do we go about reconstructing a new life?

The Redemption of Hugging. Confessed nonhugger Brad Palmore with a story that has changed him into a hugger!

How to Speak Christianese. Mike Kjergaard shares a hilarious short video.

Do We Believe or Deny the Resurrection? Rex Butts shares a striking video and writes a challenging post.

How Do I Pray? Ray Hawk reminds us that sometimes we have to let go, even in prayer.

Michael Hyatt interviews Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki’s new book sounds great!

More Free Bible Studies. You do have Matt Dabbs’ Bible study archive boomarked, don’t you?

What Joyce Left Behind. Amanda Sanders’ poignant tribute to her friend, who passed away this week.

Hope you have a great week!


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