Coffee Break 4

Settle in with a cup of coffee and enjoy these outstanding posts!

Love Wins: Rob Bell, John Piper and Upset Christian People. Tim Spivey breaks down the raging controversy with a calm voice. I appreciate the overview, the tone, and the expectation of what might need to happen … when the book actually comes out!

Rob Bell is Not a Universalist (and I Actually Read “Love Wins”). Greg Boyd addresses the evangelical fracas over Rob Bell’s new (as yet unreleased) book. Maybe we should listen – he’s actually read it.

Will the Last Baptist at Baylor Please Turn Out The Lights? Albert Mohler discusses some of the inside conflicts among conventions and school boards in regard to Baylor University. In so doing, he really raises issues that relate to all Christian universities and their distinctive identities … which are becoming less distinctive. HT: Mike Kjergarrd for pointing this out in his blog post HERE.

21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020. Tina Barseghian peers into the future of education and maps out the path of emerging technologies and how they relate to the world of teaching. I would guess many of these relate to the world of churches, but we usually run behind about ten years. 🙂 HT: Clif Mims who shared this link.

How Long Should You Preach? Mike Kjergaard offers a formula for determining how to turn one of life’s longest hours into a meaningful moment.

God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle… If you repeat trite sayings often enough people sometimes start to think they are actually in the Bible. Sarah Stirman helps clarify one that I’ve heard so many times, and I knew it wasn’t so.

Be a Blessing. If you aren’t reading Darin Hamm’s Hands and Feet posts, you are missing out on some major inspiration. Not to mention, a virtual mentor who is showing us how to do hands-on ministry.

How God Sees Us. “I’m sure someone noticed a black man, a Hispanic man and his “wife,” or maybe the man covered in tattoos. But what did God see?” Trey Morgan is one of the most consistently good bloggers out there. Every post should be bookmarked and saved. This one touches me. Yes, I tweeted it and facebooked it, but here it is again!

Hope your weekend is a great one. It’s rainy and gray here in Monroe. A good day to drink coffee, read blogs, and prepare the mind for Sunday.

Thanks for reading,