Coffee Break 3

Grab a cup of joe and take in some excellent blog posts.

Communication is Very Fragile. Sarah Stirman reminds us that relationships require an investment – don’t let miscommunication destroy them.

Learning Servant Leadership From a Dog. Brad Palmore offers some very personal introspection and observation on leadership. Yes, it’s a cute title, but the post is serious stuff.

Listening. Did your parents ever ask, “Are you listening to me?” I don’t remember them ever telling us how to listen. Doug writes about the importance of this action that doesn’t always come naturally.

Ministry Inside 3.5. If it’s OK to have a link to more links, here it is. These Ministry Inside posts are my inspiration for the Coffee Break posts. Thanks to Jim Martin, for continuing to influence so many through your blog.

Jesus on Discipling Young Adults. Matt Dabbs points out the need for patience when dealing with the enthusiasm of young adults.

Hope you enjoy those posts and let the authors know it.


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