Coffee Break 2


Grab a cup of coffee and check out these excellent posts.

Something Inside Died That Day. Kelly Farley shares a letter from a father who lost a child – when his wife had an abortion. Stunning. I’ve just recently discovered Kelly’s Grieving Dad’s project. Definitely one to bookmark.

Watch Your Mouth! Jonathan Mason shares some reminders about the power of our words. This is something we know, but we often forget. Usually at a crucial moment. More on that subject from Michael Hyatt, How Our Words Impact Others.

A Cup of Water…or Maybe Nails? Terry Rush shares a painful family story to demonstrate that serving and loving others doesn’t always take the form you expect.

Making a Difference in the Dump. Trey Morgan continues the fascinating and inspirational outreach to the people in Honduras he has come to love. They happen to live in a dump.

NIV2011: The Little Changes. John Dyer looks at some of the changes that are made in the revision of the New International Version. Some will take some getting used to. HT: Patrick Mead.

By now you’ve enjoyed that cup of coffee, maybe two. Hope you have a great day!