Cloverfield is an action packed suspenseful good old fashioned monster movie with better than expected special effects and a cast full of relative newcomers and unknowns. The movie begins at a going-away party in Manhattan where one of the friends is shooting video of various people saying goodbye to Rob Hawkins. While at the party something happens that cannot be explained. Explosions, power outages, and widespread panic spreads across the island. The entire movie is shown through the lens of that video camera, being shot by Hud. Because of the shaky camera work, bumps, closeups, and uneven cutting, there will inevitably be comparisons in style to The Blair Witch Project. There are lots of surprises and unexpected turns as you journey through the monster-created disaster with four friends. I was afraid that the monster would be too cheesy or fake looking to be threatening, but it wasn’t so.

Cloverfield is produced by J. J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot. It is Abrams who co-created my favorite television show LOST. Which, of course, is the reason I decided to choose this movie among the others I’d like to see. Not to mention that the same company is producing the new Star Trek movie, of which the previews look fab.

While I enjoyed the movie, I can understand why some may not enjoy it. Visually, it is hard to watch because of the nature of the film. In the showing that I attended, no one got up at the end. I think everyone was a little stunned.

According to THIS SOURCE, Cloverfield pulled in 41 million bucks this weekend. And here’s ANOTHER STORY about the monstrous success of Cloverfield! Here is A GREAT REVIEW of how the styling of this movie reflects our YouTube culture.

I could probably think of some good spiritual insights from the movie, but I’d have to give away some of the surprises. And I wouldn’t do that!


Goodbye to Suzanne Pleshette, 70, who passed away yesterday after battling lung cancer for several years. She’s best known for playing the role of Bob Newhart’s wife Emily in the 70’s sitcom The Bob Newhart Show.

It’s a happy day for Keifer Sutherland, who is getting out of jail after spending nearly 50 days in the pokey for drunk driving. I guess there’s a lot of pressure involved in saving the world week after week … or is it just day after day?

One of the new Star Trek previews



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