Circling the Wagons in Times of Need

I didn’t write the following, but I wanted to share it here. The church is so battered by so many today. In these few paragraphs from Leroy Garret, we are reminded how precious it is to be a part of a loving family. Thanks for reading.


Dan and Liz Skinner, 85 and 78, residents of Denton, sold their home about a year ago and moved here to The Vintage. He told me he was tired doing the yard. He was retired military, flew transport jets for the Navy, all over the world. They loved it here and made friends easily. They were members of Churches of Christ and were faithful Christians. At our Halloween party we elected them king and queen of the Vintage, and Dan was recently elected to serve as chair of our executive council. He had lots of energy, always lending a helping hand. He ran an errand or two for me during my recent bout with fatique. Then, unexpectedly, he had intestinal pain and went to ER for a checkup. He had cancer and it had spread extensively. They operated on him only enough to make him comfortable. In two weeks he was gone, conscious and in a “ready-to-go” mood all the way.

I tell you this to tell you the rest of the story, the most touching scene I’ve ever seen in church. About 15 of us piled into the Vintage van and made our way across Denton to the Singing Oaks Church of Christ for the memorial service. We were barely on time. Since I was a member there and knew my way around, I led our group to a row where we could all sit together. When the grieving widow saw us filing in, she left her place with the family, came to us and bestowed hugs of love and appreciation before returning to her family. It was a moving testimonial of what it means to have an extended family, a natural family and a spiritual family. As I reflect on that scene I feel compassion for so many who are not blessed with a church family. Many have to face the sorrows — and the joys — of life virtually alone. There is no one to circle the wagons in time of need.
~Leroy Garrett


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