Christmas Mission 5

For those who are reading my posts regularly … are you getting tired of reading about needy mission works? Just think how tired those involved in the missions get of asking for money. Why should someone who gives their life to the mission of Christ have to spend all their time begging for money and taking time out of their mission?

SHARE WITH A STRUGGLING CHURCH. How many churches in small towns are doing their best to present the gospel of Christ but have suffered from the economic meltdown or through a series of people moving away, passing away?

It was into such a situation that Mike and Nancy Price entered when they went to work the little church of twelve meeting in Bogalusa, La. Though it has not been easy, they have begun to turn the work around and now there are nearly 50 meeting weekly for worship. Mike and Nancy have spent their lives sharing the Gospel of Christ around the world. There is no question that Mike could preach for a sizable congregation someplace, but they have placed their hearts in this small town and love the people there. There is much work to do, but so much of the time that could be spent in ministry is spent visiting churches making reports and asking for money.

This summer a church from Centerville, TN came with their youth group and helped them have a big weekend with a record attendance of 77. Maybe someone reading this will be touched and want to help support this great work that will never catch the attention of most people – but is quietly reaching the lost in this small town.

I’ve enjoyed many years of friendship with Mike and Nancy. Mike and I have suffered … I mean ministered … through many weeks of Bible camp together at Gulf Coast Bible Camp. I appreciate his energetic study habits and never ending evangelistic zeal.

Mike’s influence expands over the internet with his daily devotionals. You can find the devotionals, history of the work in Bogalusa, and the latest newsletters HERE. Follow Mike on Facebook HERE.

Contributions can be sent to ┬áthe Long Beach Church of Christ 200 North Cleveland Avenue Long Beach, MS 39560. Make sure Mike’s name is on your check.

I am sure there are many many small churches and new churches that are struggling even as they work hard to teach people about Jesus. Let’s not forget our stateside mission efforts as they serve faithfully.



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