Christmas For Judith

The kids are out of school and there are so many last minute preparations to be made. I feel a bit of Christmas Panic… not sure that we have done everything we wanted to do for Christmas. Do you know that feeling?

We’ve been watching the Visual Bible presentation of Matthew on Wednesday nights. Tonight we watched / heard the sermon on the mount. We had a good discussion following. We had a small but enthusiastic crowd tonight. Bruce Marchiano is marvelous as a Jesus with whom we can identify. He is also, by the way, one of the guest speakers at the International Soul Winning Workshop this coming March. I cannot wait to hear him speak, and I hope I get to meet him.

Tomorrow I get to meet with a few people. We are starting to get calls from people wanting help for Christmas. We did not try to replicate last year’s outpouring … it arrived on time and as needed. This year things are different for most people. I am trying to help a lady named Judith with two small children. Judith is desperately trying to locate permanent housing for herself and her children. I am not sure how she will make it, and she seems to have no one to turn to. She grew up here in Pascagoula. Today when I visited her she had an abcessed tooth … and was unable to get in touch with her dentist. I’m not sure how she would pay him anyway. When I meet people like this, I want to rescue them … but I cannot. I can only hope to lessen their burden. I told her I would make sure her children had some Christmas gifts. I’m sure God will make a way. As we were leaving tonight a man asked for some help with his 5 year old daughter. He is disabled and cannot work. I will try to meet with him tomorrow … but honestly … there will be many more needs go unmet than we can meet. I’m sure I will try to do something for him. A man gave me $40 several months ago and asked that it be spent on needy children. I have held on to that money, and now I will try to stretch it! It seems like the right time to use it.

In the big picture, a Christmas without gifts is really the smallest problem many of these children have. All of their trust and hope is in their mom or dad. Judith’s husband was killed in a car accident three or four months ago. Her life has been upside down ever since. She has never been in this predicament before. And she didn’t create this situation. Her children, when scared or lonely or uncertain, are looking to her. I don’t think I can communicate the panic in her eyes … in her voice. And there is no safety net.  There is more to this story, but I do not feel confident that it is OK to share it. I will tell you that she is getting some help from a lady named Heaven. Appropriate.

I hope you will take the time to visit Homeless Man Speaks. Bookmark it. Let’s learn from it. I went back and started from the beginning. It’s quite a story.

As we concern ourselves with others, I do not want anyone to think that it is wrong to celebrate during this time of year. Most of us have been wildly blessed by God. We have grown up in circumstances that created opportunities that others may not have. We should rejoice and be grateful … and be mindful of others.

My friend Danny Dodd recently shared the following website where you can watch over 100 all-time Christmas TV classics for free. Click here  if you are not afraid to go totally OCD and try to watch every one of them. I watched Charlie Brown Christmas, since I identify with him so strongly!


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