Christian: More Than A Name #2

In the previous post I affirmed that it was a privilege to wear the name Christian. Even more than that, there is divine approval for that name.

You should know that there is a burning theological discussion about the origin of the name “Christian”. It is the understanding of some that it is a name of derision, given by the enemies of Christ. It would have been said with a sneer by those who accused them of being cannibals (eating the flesh and blood of Christ) among other false claims.

My problem with that theory is that in the three uses of that term in the New Testament we do not see that flavor at all. If anything there seems to be, from Peter’s pen, a use of the word Christian that indicates it should be worn with pride. It is entirely possible that it is a term given through apostolic inspired teaching. If so, perhaps it is the name that Isaiah prophesied about.

Isaiah 56:5b … I will give them an everlasting name that will endure forever.

Isaiah 62:2 … will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will

Hugo McCord, in his translation of the New Testament, is adamant about the origin of the name. : “… and, first in Antioch, by a divine revelation, they called the disciples
Christians.” (The Everlasting Gospel for Kindle)

When you say you are a Christian, you are calling yourself by a name of which God approves. The world often says that name with a tone of hatred, disapproval, rolling of the eyes. Sometimes that’s because Christians have not behaved as they should. Sometimes that’s because light brightens up the dark places – and that’s not always appreciated.

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