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This video was sent to me by Cheryl. It is quite inspirational and has a great message. It reminds me of Cheryl.

Evan Carter

Ten months ago Cheryl said goodbye to her exceptional son Evan, who was 21. Even was born on November 9 1987, and died July 28 2008. I’m not sure I remember the first communication I had from Cheryl, but I have no doubt it had to do with writing about the loss of John Robert.

Though Cheryl and I have never met, our families are walking the same difficult path. There really is nothing anyone can do to stop the pain. But there is a different kind of communication with those who walk this same path. The comparing of notes lets us know we’re not behaving strangely – but in concert with others who have felt this particular pain. When we talk about our struggle, we know that the one who has been through it understands on the deepest level.

So, somehow, there is an unwelcome kindred spirit that binds together these broken hearts. It is unwelcome because we would have done anything to keep from experiencing this, including giving our own lives. It is unwelcome because it is a representative of the grief that has come to live in our hearts, and promises never to leave. Still, I believe in some mysterious way God uses that connection to heal.

I’m so thankful  for the many expressions of sympathy and grace that have come from our friends and family. It always helps to lift the spirits. I do not envy your struggle to try to find some word or some phrase that does not sound too small in the face of this giant called grief. When those words fall short (as they must), we are not offended … but we are blessed to know you care.

However, it is perhaps the look in the eye of a parent who has lost a child that creates a different bond. Even over the internet, in words typed on a keyboard, something travels through from heart to heart. I’m so glad to hear from Cheryl from time to time. From reading about her son, I look forward to meeting that young man in some eternal place. He was a winner.

If you like, you can visit Cheryl’s touching memorial site HERE. You will have to enter his first name Evan, Last name Carter. There are two listed under that name, his is the first one. Have your speakers turned on, there’s a blessing in song awaiting you there as well. Why don’t you leave a note? Cheryl is also on FaceBook.

Thanks, Cheryl, for giving me permission to share that site. God bless you, friend. You’ve never taken a step out of His presence.

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