Checking in From Monroe

I am short on time right now, so this will be brief. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and joy since arriving in Monroe Saturday afternoon. Maggy and JR drive in a separate car. We arrived and had friends Eddie, Mike, Mignon, Ken and Pam there to help us unload stuff and welcome us! We went to the building and unloaded several boxes of books. Saturday night I attended a wonderful banquet for Ouachiata Christian School. The speaker was the coach portrayed in the movie We Are Marshall. He was very inspirational. Sunday morning worship was made special by the elders calling us to the front of the church. My family stood there as each elder and the youth minister read passages of scripture, charging me, the church, and themselves into greater service. I hope to have this posted on my podcast soon, along with the sermon that followed.

Sunday afternoon there was a reception here for me, that was beautifully prepared by the ladies of the congregation. So many people brought items for our apartment — armloads of supplies! In addition to many Forsythe members who came by to say hello and welcome, area preachers James Guy, Mike Kellett, Alan Robertson, and Don Glover and their wives came by. I look forward to spending time with these brothers. Sunday night were so tired we just crashed and didn’t even watch the Super Bowl!

Today I became acquainted with Linda, our effecient secretary, had a visitor or two. ┬áMike Riley, Jason, and I went to a monthly men’s luncheon at First West, a large Baptist church in West Monroe. There was great food, a fantastic speech by their new pastor, and we enjoyed the time together. Jason and I spent a few hours together after that as he drove me around on some errands. Back at the building I was able to visit with deacon Ken for a while. I missed some drop-in visits and calls along the way as well.

Maggy and JR arrived home safely this afternoon as well, for which I am thankful. Well, that’s a run through of our short time here … we were welcomed in the most beautiful ways. It’s a place that we are already starting to fall in love with. God has been so good to lead us here. In truth, He’s always been good to us … we’ve always been surrounded by the most wonderful people.

Thanks for reading!


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