CD Review: Our Great Redeemer – Chris Day

Chris Day’s brand new release called Our Great Redeemer is an inspirational rock-worship collection of original songs that you will enjoy.

Chris is a worship leader and youth pastor for a Baptist church in Iowa. He is also a composer who has been influenced by the most familiar contemporary Christian artists. At times you can detect these influences in this set of songs, but never do you feel that he is imitating them. These songs are originals. The musical diversity keeps the CD interesting, but the sound is distinct.

My favorite song on the CD is the first one, “Let Our Praises Rise To You”. It is a great anthem to begin a worship service. I also love “We Won’t Run Away”, an affirmation of commitment to God in spite of the fact that so many turn away from Him. I’ve noticed on his BLOG  that this is the theme he chose for his T-shirts. Another song I really like is called “Your Love is Awesome”. It contains the line, “We’re sorry for how we have treated You, We no longer want to Take that life You’ve given us for granted...”

What I like the most about this CD is that the songs are usable in the local churches. They are not overproduced to such an extent that they are only for listening. It is clear that Chris intends for these songs to be used to praise God by Christians everywhere. Even coming from my acappella tradition I could see some of these songs becoming a part of our worship times.

And there are a few critiques. Chris Day has a very good voice, although I think occasionally some of the background harmonies (which I believe he did himself) do not quite get where they need to go. Also, being an original (and therefore unfamiliar) worship CD, I wish that the liner notes had been easier to read so I could follow along and participate while listening. But those are small compared to what is to be gained from listening to this CD.

I look forward to the next Chris Day CD, because I feel sure there will be one! If you enjoy new and original worship music for your church, I think you couldn’t go wrong to give these songs a listen!

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Thanks, Chris, for sharing your gift with the church.

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