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I’m behind by a few days on my blog. I do not think there is anything extra special going on, just staying busy as usual. We had a good Sunday at Central. I’m personally looking forward to tomorrow night when Ross Jordan will speak to us. Jeff and Kera Hubbard and three others from their church in Bay City, TX left for home this morning. Jeff did a video interview with me. If he puts it up on YouTube, I’ll post it here as well.

There has been a ton of bad news in the world in the past few days. The pain and grief at Virginia Tech is beyond my imagination. We need to keep a vigil of prayer for these families, and for the family of the killer – what shame and bewilderment they must also bear. Danny Dodd , Trey Morgan, Houston Heflin, Josh Graves, Patrick Mead, Jason Brown , Bobby Cohoon, (and I’m sure many others) have some thoughts about this. I doubt I could add anything to their great thoughts.

We had some excitement yesterday when Veto Roley called to say that a couple stranded on an island just offshore had been brought in by the Coast Guard. They needed a place to stay overnight and a way to get home. Their boat crashed and burned, along with all of their possessions. You can read the front page story in The Mississippi Press HERE.  They were lost on the island for about three days. There were no monsters, no OTHERS, no manifold list, no kidnappings, and no hatch, though.

Our friend Tex Nolan is here from Monroe, and that is always a blessing. He is someone I admire for so many reasons. His health has been poor over the past few months but he looks great and I think he is feeling pretty good.

Call me crazy, but I really want to go to Unscripted 2007. It’s going to be wild! Wrestlers, 80’s metal glam-band Stryper, and a debate between the ‘porn pastor’ Craig Goss and porn star Ron Jeremy (no link!). It’s a creative and lively way for XXX Church to get out the message of the destructive nature of pornography to a bigger audience. The latest XXX Church podcast features an interview with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine who now claims Jesus Christ as his Lord. Other wrestlers who have also become believers on the program include Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, and Ted  ‘The Million Dollar Man’ DiBiose.

Ok, now I’m thinking about wrestlers. Can you believe some people believe wrestling is fake? There are other wrestlers who have become Christians.  Steve ‘Sting’ Borden even has a movie out about his decision.  I know that Jeff Jarrett is a member of the church of Christ in Hendersonville, TN.  Nikita Koloff now has a Christian ministry – starting with the confession that he was not from Russia after all, but from the projects of Minneapolis. Then why couldn’t he speak English? Where did that accent come from? I’m so disappointed.  ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels also proclaims to be a Christian. I didn’t know all these things, but you know how an internet search can get you more than you bargained for!  Christianity Today even has an article from a few years ago on the subject.

I used to enjoy all the craziness. Danny Dodd and I were once on the front row in Greenwood, Mississippi. Big Cat Ernie Ladd (who recently passed away) was in the ring. Given his age, I suggested rather loudly that he get back in his wheelchair. He bristled at that comment and said, “shut your filthy mouth, fat boy”. In one moment of wrestling smack talk, a legend was created that Dan and I both crack up about to this day. However, over the past several years wrestling has become much more about sex and skin than about ‘rasslin’. In the old days the fatter you were, the more powerful you were. Haystacks Calhoun could whip three skinny men at once.

The best ‘rasslin match I ever saw was Mankind and The Undertaker in that horrific ‘hell in a cell’ match. I don’t think you can get any more over the top than that without doing major damage. If I remember right Mick Foley (Mankind) lost a tooth in this one. I decided not to include a YouTube clip, but there is one if you want to find it.

Since I’m having fun thinking about all this trivia, I will provide a classic moment in wrestling history. This was before Wrestlemania (which I have not convinced Maggy yet that I need the boxed DVD set) … and before Vince McMahon was the big chief of the wrestling world. In fact, he was the announcer in this clip. You’ll see a very young McMahon at the end. The powerhouse fat guy in this clip is Gorilla Monsoon (deceased) – who would go on to host the wrestling show that came on every Monday night on USA Network – back before it became RAW … when it was 3 hours of real wrestling fun. Gorilla was a great announcer, usually alongside Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura or Lord Alfred Hayes (deceased). Perhaps this match was the brainchild of McMahon … bring in a celebrity to mainstream this once backwoods ‘sport’. In the audience is none other than Muhammed Ali. Every real wrestling fan has already seen this. I think it’s a knee-slapper.



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***Search Engine Terms***

A new feature of Out Here Hope Remains! Every day I laugh at the “search engine terms” that land people on my blog. So I’m going to share the search engine terms of the day … not all of them … just the ones I find interesting! Of course this means that others searching for the following terms will end up here too! If YOU entered these search terms, don’t be offended. Just laugh at yourself. We are.

Tim Archer Singer” – I didn’t know Tim was a singer!” – Forgive me … but if you’re looking for – why not just key in instead of looking for it? Especially three days in a row.

how does Bobby Valentine communicate” – LOL – I’m sorry…but no one knows. bahahaha

pick up lines: glad to make you smile” – I don’t want to know.

Thanks for reading. I hoped to provide a smile today.

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