Caring for Old People

I began reading articles several years ago about the “Greying of America”. Advanced technological abilities, pharmaceutical miracles, and medical knowledge have combined to allow us to live longer than we used to. Combined with the now aging Baby Boomers there are large numbers of aging Americans and that is bringing a new set of challenges to everyone. (I realize that not everyone in need of care is old, nor is every caregiver a family member.)

It is my belief that those who are aged are to be honored, treated with dignity and respect, learned from, and enjoyed. All individuals are different and maybe that isn’t possible with everyone – but I still hold the opinion that more often than not our senior citizens are treasures.

While visiting in the local nursing home today I observed that there were many who no longer seem to be with us. The scourge of Alzheimer’s Disease is frightening. There were many who looked lost and alone. We all know that many are placed there and never visited or seen about by family again.

But I also saw family members present. When I signed in to the visitors log I noticed sons, daughters, husbands, and wives had been present today. It is true in my family and in many families that aging parents who can no longer care for themselves present quite a dilemma. I don’t know if we are ever prepared for that. Today I talked with a wife who is frazzled, exhausted, and stressed to the end of her rope. I talked with a son who has been learning to live with caring for his mother. Both of them desire to provide loving care. Neither of them are able to do this at their home. Both of them looked very tired.

I was looking around for some help on the internet and found a few things that looked promising. I’ll share them. Maybe you have other resources, books, support groups, etc. that may be of help.

The Four Stages of Caregiving is a 22 page .pdf that appears to be rich in information and help.

Caregiver Stress has several informative videos and other information.

All About Caregivers is a blog type website with short and informative articles.

Caregiver has an archive of articles.

Sharon’s Christian Caregiver blog.

Linda’s blog: God, Mom, Alzheimer’s and Me


I’m sure there are many many many more. If you know of any that are particularly helpful, please share. And pray … for the one who adopts the challenge of caring for the aged, a magnificent challenge.