Today my mother had a minor procedure done. She was briefly in a surgical hospital to have her chemotherapy port removed. During her brief stay one of our elders and his wife came into the room where she awaited surgery, engaged in some lighthearted (and relaxing) talking, and prayed for her.

Before surgery you get a little jolt of happy stuff (non medical terminology here!). Even as mom’s speech was a bit slurred and she talked about some nonsensical things (which I’m willing to reveal for the one who produces enough $), she said several times that she was so happy that someone came to see her. She remembered, even through her haze, that over many years of worshiping in one church and having several surgeries no one had ever done that. No elder had ever come to her bedside in a hospital, or to her home when she suffered with cancer, and prayed with her.

That’s why it was so meaningful to have a loving shepherd from her new church come in and pray.

Not everyone is a natural at demonstrating compassion. I’m sure many people feel compassion toward others but it never manages to be demonstrated. There are as many ways to demonstrate compassion as there are people who are hurting. Everyone can’t (and shouldn’t) act in the same capacity … but we should all act.

I’m really writing this to remind myself that my thoughts and feelings aren’t always known by those I care for. No matter what form it takes, I need to be more aware of the need to express the love of Christ to others. While it’s true that no one person has the capacity to show love to all people at all times, we each have the capacity to express God’s love in many more ways than we do.

Today I’m getting reminders of that from a couple who served my mother (and me) … and from a man who gives much of his life in serving the poor.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I can get easily angered when I see instances of people who do not care about others. But what I really need to think about are the people in my own circle that I have not demonstrated care for recently. It’s not only a big job, if I see the life of Jesus correctly it is one of THE jobs.

Feeling blessed and reminded today,


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