Camp, 100 Homes, Hurricanes, Lost, & LaKisha

I spent a few hours yesterday with friends Byron Smith, Trent Bryant, and Joey Peacher as we planned for the upcoming camp session at which we will all work together. We had a productive meeting and are all pumped for a great week of camp. Right now it looks like we will have a small session, so if you know any kids 1-12 grade who want to come to camp, send ’em our way. The camp website is HERE.

Last night we had several visitors with us for Wednesday night worship…probably about half visitors, half members. We had some songs of praise, went over our prayer list, watched Rob Bell’s video RAIN, and then talked about it for a while. Two old friends from Forest, MS were present, Otis White and Richard Dana. It was good to see them. They are here for a few days to do some relief work in the 100 Homes in 100 Days project. We need all the help we can get. It’s such a great project. The materials are free and available … the need is HUGE … and the only things lacking are skilled hands.

Can you believe we have the first named storm of the season…and the season hasn’t even started yet? I have to tell you, that gives me a shiver down deep. I can’t even imagine a hurricane strike on the Gulf Coast this year. We were blessed last year … but there are no guarantees. We need to cover the Coast (all Coasts) in prayer!

IS LOCKE DEAD? That’s the big question as we exit this week’s outstanding episode of LOST. Of course there are other questions. What / who is Jacob?  Who are the Hostiles? It was awesome to see the painful backstory of Ben. His icy cold demeanor was explained by his relationship with his father. Fathers get the bad rap on LOST. How many of these characters had bad dads? Jack, Locke, Kate, Sun, maybe others. I know that there are supposedly going to be several deaths by the end of the season, but I do not think they will be MAJOR characters. I think Locke is central to the LOST story and that he is not going to die. I propose that Jacob is going to save him. But then what? Will he take Ben’s place as the leader of The Others?  Are we gearing up for a war between Locke and Jack? I don’t know…but I do know that I am as big a fan of this show as I’ve ever been.


Goodbye, Lakiesha.  What a great singer…with a great career ahead of her!

Is it just me or has the amount of SPAM being received in the e-mail increased by about 1000%?

Fight breaks out at the symphony. At least someone was awake.

It’s going to be a HOT summer in some places.

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