One Week in Cable Purgatory


 I want to reflect on my one week in cable purgatory, which ended today.  I learned some things about myself and about the untethered television world out there.

I learned I didn’t like it.

Well, that was an easy lesson.

You know, we can reflect upon the time when we didn’t have computers and cell phones and televisions and radios and indoor plumbing and chewing gum, but who feels better after that? We live in this techno-driven age with so many capabilities. Just picking up the phone doesn’t seem like enough.

(Just re-watching that old commercial… who is kissing who here? It looks like the new friend is kissing another man’s wife! Maybe I’m wrong!)

It’s a nice sentiment, but you can’t attach a witty picture or link them to a related web page or even tag all your other friends so they know that you reached out and touched someone. Who wants that?

I tell you what I did learn about the land of no cable. There is free TV available. Just connect up an antenna and you can access television. Public broadcasting, preachers, movies, and nostalgic vintage TV. I saw quite a variety of programming including  Jimmy Swaggart and family with their own network,  Shane Warren over at The Assembly via the broadcast channel The Voice, a plain spoken and down to earth Charlie Robinson of Jesus Holy Temple church here in town, and a Teen Challenge program this morning. (OK, yes, I did watch an overload of religious programming. That’s my vibe!)

I watched a movie on a network called Bounce that was very good with James Earl Jones and an episode of Bonanza on ME.TV (this is different from MTV, I assure you). And thankfully during the severe weather and American Idol Fox 14 KARD was on the air.

So my time without cable was not a total loss. But without internet (which is bundled with my cable here at the house) …wowza… that was not fun. I’m sure I missed many important memes, crazy pictures, and recipes.  My fellow gamers surely felt my absence … there was no Candy Crushing, no Mah Jong trailing and no Zuma blitzing. Except what I could do on my phone….which is basically now over in the corner trying to recover from the rigors of how much data it processed this week.

I think it would be possible to live a cable-less life. I affirm those who make that choice. Good for you! But I’m over it. Now I’ve got to sift through On Demand to catch up with the shows I missed. I would mention which ones, but I know some of you people cannot bear to withhold spoilers.

I’m glad that little adventure is over. Maggy was gone, so I had to talk to the dogs. They seemed sympathetic, but I have a feeling they just wanted me to shut up and give the a snack.

Aside from the bill, what would you most miss about having cable / internet in your house?

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