We’ve been staying busy … which is a good thing I guess. I visited with my parents for a few days and Maggy spent a lot of time with Nicole.

On my way home from New Orleans I stopped to visit my friend Al, who lives in the Biloxi VA facility. He had called me a few weeks ago, but I could not understand what he was saying. Today he informed me that he had had pneumonia and his nurse told him he probably wouldn’t survive. He was calling to say ‘goodbye’ but I didn’t know it. Today, though, he looked healthy and was in good spirits. Except when I told him about John Robert. He has a sister who lost three daughters over the years. We do not bear the pain of losing a child alone… everywhere we are meeting people who have endured this… and lived full lives … never forgetting … but living for God.

Today we’ve had lunch with Veto Roley, supper with the Wetherington’s. Tomorrow we plan to enjoy a breakfast with Chris and Susan Lockhart and their children. Chris had some nice things to say at John Robert’s funeral. I appreciate he and Susan so much for their bravery and faith. After visits with the Hollands (Nicole’s family) we will head to Monroe. Time is uncertain at this point. There are activities this weekend in Monroe in which we may be able to participate.

My friend Jim mentioned that he noticed all the talk about FOOD on this blog. True. I haven’t denied myself anything to eat that I wanted since John Robert passed away. Since I know I can use food as a ‘friend‘, I need to make an adjustment in that area. That’s a depressing thought.

Earlier this evening Maggy went to a Show Choir production at Pascagoula High School and enjoyed it so much. She went with neighbors Roger and Pam. Afterwards the Principle brought her John Robert’s diploma, a cap, tassle, cords, a book with signatures and thoughts, report card, and a packet of his last pictures. Welcome reminders. Bittersweet reminders.

Short post tonight. Just keeping in touch. Thanks for reading.


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