Busy Monday

Monday was a busy day on the Coast as the work crews scrambled to get busy. David Kilbern does an outstanding job of getting them on jobsite as soon as possible, but sometimes it just takes a while. This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges he faces. Also a group from California came in last night. They were here last year and have returned to help once again.

Microsoft is changing the PC experience with the introduction of VISTA. From what I read, I think I will resist the change as long as possible. Maybe they’ll work some of the bugs out along the way. I received notice yesterday from the company that hosts the Central website that they will no longer be supporting FrontPage extensions, because Microsoft has determined that they have produced the last version of FrontPage. This means that I will be looking for another program to design the website with. I keep it very simple on purpose.┬áSo, any of you Tech Geeks have suggestions? I don’t think I can spend the $$ for Dreamweaver….and not sure I could use it if I got it … I never learned HTML.

Short blogpost for today. I have some things to write about, but I’m not ready to give it the time it deserves…yet.


We got excellent front page coverage of the effort to rebuild the Smith’s home today in The Mississippi Press.

Here’s an online report from some folks who came to Pascagoula to serve in hurricane relief.

Danny Dodd contemplates sitting still.

Dusty asks if you ever get tired.

Wade says “Goodbye”. And “Hello“.

Still no contract for striking Northrup Grumman workers. Those on strike have now lost their insurance coverage.

In November Jackson County Mississippi voters will have a chance to vote on whether or not they favor the Choctaw Indians having a casino.

At least 13 die in tsunami.

Man with drug-resistant TB locked up.

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