Brookhaven, Mississippi

Johnson Grove Church of Christ Building.

Tonight I write from Brookhaven, Mississippi. I am here by invitation of the Johnson Grove church of Christ to speak at their youth day tomorrow. I asked them if they couldn’t find someone younger but they wanted me! So here I am. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of friends and maybe even making some new ones. Tonight I’ll dine with Maggy’s brother and his wife … they live in nearby McComb.

Dickie (Maggy’s brother) and Jan from McComb.

When I worked for Magnolia Bible College I came and spoke at Johnson Grove once a month. Actually that’s only part of the story. I also preached at the Mt. Olive church of Christ. I would preach at Johnson Grove first, then RIGHT after the invitation run out the door and drive about 7 or 8 miles to Mt. Olive. They would have already started services there. I would come in, sit … commune with them, then preach again. In the evenings I did the reverse. Their regular preacher, Wendell Davis, did that for about 35 years or maybe more.

It was during this time that John Robert was born. I remember gifts and well-wishes from both congregations. That was 1989. A pregnant Maggy and our daughter Nicole would make this trip … and we always enjoyed it. We made some sweet friends … some of whom are with the Lord now … and with John Robert.

I spoke at a youth day here several years ago. This church used to have a Youth Gospel Meeting … where someone would speak to the teens all week and they would have activities during the day … more like a camp than a gospel meeting. Lots of fun. It’s a unique church that once was in the non-Sunday School fellowship, but managed to own a softball field and have NIV pew Bibles. I’m not sure if they have classes now or not …but they’ve always been full of young people. They’ve always made sure their young people were educated in the Bible…. even without Sunday School.

After Katrina it was this church that donated our new air conditioning and heating unit for the Pascagoula house.

So I’ve always felt a part of the Johnson Grove family … and I’m glad to be here. I’m sorry Maggy isn’t with me … but she’s having an adventure of her own on the Coast with some friends. If you’re in the area, come on out to Johnson Grove and join in the fun tomorrow (Saturday). Thanks to my friends Otis Bowman (minister) and Doug Kimble, and anyone else who may have had a role in my invitation to be here.

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